About us

We're outsiders, harnessing the power of the peer, technology and data science to keep people well from addiction.

New thinking about an old problem

At Face It TOGETHER, we believe people impacted by addiction, including their loved ones, deserve the same dignity and respect as anyone else affected by a serious illness.

That’s why we work hard to make sure you feel welcome and at ease as soon as you connect with us.

And it’s also why we focus on proven strategies, backed by science, and track our members’ progress along the way.

We do purposeful, mission-driven work as a business in the social sector. We see ourselves as change agents, using innovations in customer experience, technology and data science to deliver personalized health coaching that transforms the lives of people impacted by addiction.

Our story began in 2009 in Sioux Falls, S.D., when the community, frustrated by the old way of doing things, came together to find new, shared solutions to drug and alcohol addiction. In 2018, we moved our headquarters to Denver and opened our first coaching center in Colorado. 

Face It TOGETHER is a nonprofit organization that provides effective, science-based peer coaching for people living with addiction, including loved ones of those with the disease.  Established in 2009, Face It TOGETHER is headquartered in Denver, with coaching centers in CO, SD, ND and MN, and members in more than 14 states.

How we're different


We embrace data science, measuring member progress so we can prove outcomes, and get better at what we do.

Private-sector focused

We engage partners, like employers, who have a financial stake in solving addiction.

Rooted in science

We use proven principles of chronic disease management and wellness planning to keep people well.


Our mission is to get people with addiction and their loved ones well.


Our vision is a nation that has solved the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.

Photo of Face It TOGETHER CEO Kevin Kirby

From the CEO

"Positive social change doesn’t happen by accident. It comes by seizing opportunities and finding creative new approaches to intractable problems. Our nation and those living with this disease deserve better. We believe that success requires big, bold ideas and a steadfast commitment to make them a reality."

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Our values

  • We have REVERENCE for those we must reach.
  • We're committed to EXCELLENCE based on the proposition that anything less is an insult to those we serve.
  • INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY trump everything.
  • We have DIGNITY and RESPECT for each other and for those we serve.
  • We challenge and encourage each other to OPTIMIZE OUR OWN GIFTS.
  • We embrace being held ACCOUNTABLE for HIGH PERFORMANCE.
  • We embrace with HUMILITY our leadership role in this REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL MOVEMENT.
  • We relish our role as DISTURBING INNOVATORS, working COLLABORATIVELY but constantly challenging entrenched practices of the past.

Our history

Our story began in 2008, when the community of Sioux Falls, S.D., united to craft a solution to drug and alcohol addiction. A group of private sector leaders was the driving force behind the effort.

A seven-month community town hall process led to the creation of a new nonprofit, Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls.

The organization was charged with bringing to life an innovative community model designed to answer the question: What would our community look like if we truly believed that addiction was a chronic disease? 

In 2011, local success served as a catalyst for the creation of Face It TOGETHER, a nationally focused social enterprise dedicated to advancing the model in communities nationwide.

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Bush Prize for Community Innovation

In 2014, the Bush Foundation recognized Face It TOGETHER for extraordinary community problem-solving in our work around addiction.