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We provide personalized, nonjudgmental peer coaching for those impacted by addiction, including loved ones. We don't require sobriety or follow a one-size-fits-all program.

Kristen's message of hope for families

Kristen Goettsch doesn't have addiction herself, but it controlled her life for years. Her son, Caleb, started struggling when he was 14. She grappled with the pain, isolation and confusion that came along with addiction for years afterward.

What our members say

Helping people get well is our most important work. We're honored to support our members as they overcome challenges, meet goals and thrive in whatever ways are important to them.

Photo of Aubrey, addiction peer coach in Sioux Falls, SD

Ask a coach: Losing friends in sobriety

Q: Will I lose friends if I get sober?

A: Unfortunately, my short answer is probably. It’s not that my old friends were bad people, I just couldn’t be part of that lifestyle anymore. It’s not what I wanted my life to look like. I needed to do different things, and if they chose not to do those things with me, that’s how it had to be. I had to continually remind myself of that when I was feeling down or lonely. 

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We bring a variety of life experiences to our important work. We hope reading about our backgrounds will demystify coaching, introduce our areas of expertise and demonstrate recovery is possible. If you prefer a coach within a certain community that you don’t see represented here, we hope you’ll still consider reaching out. And if you’re comfortable sharing that feedback, we’d greatly appreciate it. We’d love to know what qualities are most important to you and will keep them top-of-mind while hiring new coaches.

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Donations help provide the support, education and relationships needed to make lasting change. Thanks to generous grants and sponsorships, we’re able to help those impacted by addiction overcome challenges and find lasting wellness.

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