Photo of Carlos, addiction peer coach in Sioux Falls, SD

Carlos (he/him)

Volunteer coach, Sioux Falls

Carlos (he/him) grew up in a household with abuse, which he escaped by going out with friends and drinking. He has found his wellness through cultivating self-love and identifying his life values.

Coach type: Person with addiction

Coaching since: 2023

Lived experience:
I come from a household with abuse and where my emotions were neglected. I felt no love or acceptance. My escape was to drink with friends, eventually drinking and drug use were my only coping mechanisms to forget the childhood trauma. I was a broken person. It felt like the drugs kept the pieces of me together, but I didn’t realize they weren’t making me whole.

I’ve gotten two DUIs and experienced a relapse. It’s about picking yourself up again. This time around in recovery, I’ve learned to find my values and purpose in life.

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Professional background:
I’ve had a range of different jobs. I’ve worked at the Avera McKennan cafeteria, a local garden center, as a teaching assistant for children with disabilities and as a Spanish teaching assistant for preschoolers. I also currently volunteer for SoDak Compost, a local composting nonprofit.

Childhood trauma, self-love, LGBTQIA+ community, immigration, community connection, Spanish

I spend my free time reading, roller skating, hiking, composting and getting involved in environmentalism.

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