POSITION TITLE: Addiction Management Coach
REPORTS TO: Addiction Management Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Addiction Wellness

STATUS: Nonexempt/Hourly

POSITION SUMMARY: The Addiction Management Coach reports to the Addiction Management Supervisor and is responsible for providing peer-based coaching and ongoing support to improve the wellbeing of individuals impacted by addiction. You will be guiding people through a behavior change and wellness process. We apply the latest chronic disease management research, technology, and data science to help people navigate the challenges associated with addiction.


  • Serve as primary Addiction Management Coach. Assess member’s needs, develop objectives, and engage members through change and wellness process. In some circumstances, assist with information and navigation to community-based resources.
  • Assist in increasing the conversion rate of enrolled coaching members who are paying, covered by grant funding, or have an approved sponsorship as set by our Objectives and Key Results (OKR) each year.
  • Responsible for educating themselves on topics pertinent to persons with addictions and loved ones that could help in the coaching process, not limited to, but may include: boundary setting, communication skills, coping techniques, neurobiology around addiction, self-talk, and emotional regulation.
  • Proficient in organizational language and goals. Provide coaching in line with those standards and consistently upholding the mission and image of Face It TOGETHER.
  • Document care with clients, utilizing member tracking software as trained including accurate and complete documentation of member information.
  • Perform all welcome desk and communications concierge duties as scheduled and/or as needed.
  • Engage in special projects or other Face It TOGETHER activities. This will include participating in community-based events and engaging with media when appropriate and approved by Face It TOGETHER’s communications team.
  • An employee may be expected to lift 25lbs. in a normal workday.
  • Assist leadership with any projects or duties of the organization as assigned.


  • Complete and maintain Face It TOGETHER Addiction Management Coach Certification. This requires participating in all continuing education training sessions – in-person or online.
  • Participating in regular coach supervision requirements and performance evaluation reviews.
  • Complete the necessary requirements to be NAADAC certified by the end of year one and maintain on going.
  • Attend regular scheduled trainings with coaching supervisor and other team members.


  • Have personal experience with addiction, either directly or as a loved one.
  • Effective communication skills both verbal and written, proficient typing skills, and computer software skills and knowledge.
  • Comfortable with technology and multiple platforms; proficient in Microsoft office.
  • Are non-judgmental and can build trust that sets a foundation from which the wellness process can begin and grow.
  • Collaborate with your team of coaches, coaching supervisor, addiction management team, and others to identify and help solve various problems.
  • Coaching differs from other clinical services. It is not uncommon for a person to need different support services at different stages in their wellness journey. This requires care in evaluating needs and delivering coaching within the boundaries of the coach’s knowledge and experience and knowing how and when to refer to a clinical professional.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and independently manage time so that the needs of the members, needs of the organization, and needs for personal well-being are maintained.
  • Ability to problem solve. Many of our clients are where they are because their problem-solving and decision-making skills are impaired. You need to solve the problem and effectively communicate the solution so the client can make positive decisions.
  • Understand the difference between providing a service and providing hospitality. Yes, we are delivering care through services and products, but our clients must feel welcome and wanted above anything else.

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About Face It TOGETHER

At Face It TOGETHER, we strive to live our core values:

  • We have reverence for all;
  • We are committed to being data-driven decision makers;
  • We challenge and encourage each other towards self-actualization;
  • We expect to be held accountable for high performance;
  • We embrace the unpredictability of addiction.

Our culture and our people are paramount. We recognize achievement, offer perks that make life and work more convenient and provide opportunities to develop professionally and engage in meaningful work. 

Our team members are entrepreneurial, collaborative and comfortable with change. We work hard but strive for balance. We want our team to work with a sense of purpose and commitment but live a satisfying quality of life.

We offer a competitive benefits package for full-time employees, including health insurance, disability, 401K plan, a fitness stipend, flexible work environment and generous paid time off.

Face It TOGETHER is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of race, color, creed, sex, disability, age, religion, national origin or ancestry.