At Face It TOGETHER, we’re all about tackling an old and cruel problem in new ways.

We do purposeful, mission-driven work as a business in the social sector. We see ourselves as change agents, using innovations in customer experience, technology and data science to deliver personalized health coaching that transforms the lives of people impacted by addiction.

Community Liaison and Addiction Wellness Coach

Position summary: This position develops an integrated plan for community engagement and referrals, provides customer service for existing partnerships, and supports members through addiction wellness coaching.

The Community Liaison and Addiction Wellness Coach is focused on developing and supporting a wide range of key relationships and partnerships with FIT @ Work partners, education, addiction care organizations, healthcare, social services, and other community services that support Face It TOGETHER (FIT) members in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. The position is also responsible for providing coaching up to 50% of their time. An Addiction Wellness Coach is responsible for providing peer-based coaching and ongoing support to improve the wellbeing of individuals impacted by addiction.

The Community Liaison and Addiction Wellness Coach will be responsible for identifying, evaluating, developing, and cultivating relationships with Colorado Springs-based services that support FIT members, aligned with Face It TOGETHER business plans and strategic goals.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

A primary focus of this role is on day-to-day management of community relationships in Colorado Springs and surrounding area. Specific duties include:

  • Work with FIT @ Work partners, treatment providers, social service agencies, educational institutions, funders, and other stakeholder organizations to develop referral relationships, programs, and initiatives to raise awareness of Face It TOGETHER.
  • Remain proactive in identifying other creative partnership opportunities with local partners in areas including criminal justice, public sector, and related areas.
  • Nurture trusted, long-term relationships with key client service organizations, team members, stakeholders, and partners.
  • Document relationship activities in designated format.
  • Exercise strong project planning skills to ensure partner and member satisfaction.
  • Liaise with community services to solve issues, communicate needs, and create synergy.
  • Generate innovative ideas to support partners and members, and boost brand awareness.
  • Serve as primary Addiction Wellness Coach in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Assess member’s needs, develop objectives, and engage members through change and wellness process. In some circumstances, assist with information and navigation to community-based resources.
  • Assist in increasing the conversion rate of enrolled coaching members who are paying, covered by grant funding, or have an approved sponsorship as set by our Objectives and Key Results (OKR) each year. 
  • Document care with clients, utilizing member tracking software as trained including accurate and complete documentation of member information.
  • Provide timely and frequent updates to key stakeholders.

This position is highly skilled in partnership development, with the ability to build and foster relationships with multiple stakeholders at all levels. This position is highly skilled and creative in problem solving, with the ability to solve the problem and effectively communicate the solution so the coaching member can make positive decisions. Must be a self-motivated project initiator who can take concept to implementation, ability to work independently and in teams. 

The Community Liaison and Addiction Wellness Coach demonstrates a passionate commitment to:

Vision - A nation that has solved the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.

Mission - To get people with addiction and their loved ones well.

Values - 

  • We have REVERENCE for all; 
  • We are DATA-DRIVEN decision makers;
  • We challenge and encourage each other towards SELF-ACTUALIZATION;
  • We expect to be held ACCOUNTABLE for HIGH PERFORMANCE;
  • We EMBRACE the UNPREDICTABILITY of addiction;

The Community Liaison and Addiction Wellness Coach models the organization’s culture:

  • Thrives in a culture of innovation, risk-taking, high quality, free expression, transparency, mutual accountability, limited hierarchy, and respect for all.
  • Communicates clearly, frequently, and timely with the team, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Holds self, team members, contractors, and volunteers to the highest performance expectations and to strictest adherence to the organization’s values.  
  • Commits to a process of organization risk management that secures advancement of the vision, mission, and strategic goals, and protects the organization’s brand.


  • Proven experience in building community-based relationships
  • Understanding of marketing, communications, customer service, management, etc.
  • Working knowledge of project management and performance/operation metrics
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills
  • Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Complete and maintain Face It TOGETHER Addiction Wellness Coach Certification. This requires participating in all continuing education training sessions — in-person or online.
  • Participation in regular coach supervision requirements and performance evaluation reviews.


  • Have personal direct experience with addiction, in addition to possible experience in caring and supporting someone with the disease as a loved one. This qualification will be determined through FIT’s comprehensive assessment completed by all coaches.
  • Effective communication skills both verbal and written, proficient typing skills, and computer software skills and knowledge. 
  • Comfortable with technology and multiple platforms; proficient in Microsoft office. 
  • Is non-judgmental and can build trust that sets a foundation from which the wellness process can begin and grow.  
  • Collaborate with your team of coaches and others to identify and help solve various problems.
  • Coaching differs from other clinical services. It is not uncommon for a person to need different support services at different stages in their wellness journey. This requires care in evaluating needs and delivering coaching within the boundaries of the coach’s knowledge and experience and knowing how and when to refer to a clinical professional.

Physical effort: Work involves sitting, standing, and walking most of the work period.  Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 30 pounds.  Requires repetitive movements of the wrists, hands, and fingers, the ability to receive and express detailed information through oral communication, visual acuity, and the ability to read and understand written directions.

Work schedule: The Community Liaison and Addiction Wellness Coach is a salaried position with the work schedule varying according to organizational needs.  A typical work week will be 40 to 50 hours total, Sunday through Saturday. The typical schedule will be eight working hours per day Monday through Friday plus daily lunch breaks, with the start and end time varying according to organizational needs.  

To apply for this position please send an email with resume attached with the subject Community Liaison Application – {your name} to Wendy White Thank you.

About Face It TOGETHER

At Face It TOGETHER, we strive to live our core values:

  • We have reverence for all;
  • We are committed to being data-driven decision makers;
  • We challenge and encourage each other towards self-actualization;
  • We expect to be held accountable for high performance;
  • We embrace the unpredictability of addiction.

Our culture and our people are paramount. We recognize achievement, offer perks that make life and work more convenient and provide opportunities to develop professionally and engage in meaningful work. 

Our team members are entrepreneurial, collaborative and comfortable with change. We work hard but strive for balance. We want our team to work with a sense of purpose and commitment but live a satisfying quality of life.

We offer a competitive benefits package for full-time employees, including health insurance, disability, 401K plan, a fitness stipend, flexible work environment and generous paid time off.

Face It TOGETHER is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of race, color, creed, sex, disability, age, religion, national origin or ancestry.