Member Advisory Committee

Our Member Advisory Committee supports the mission, goals and programs of Face It TOGETHER through the feedback of current and former coaching members.

Hearing directly from those we serve

Listening to those impacted by addiction is built into our organizational fiber. The power of the peer is present in everything we do and at all levels of the organization, from staff to Board members. Their commitment to Face It TOGETHER's mission, data-driven practices and removing barriers to addiction care enable us to continue innovating.  

Over time, we’ve refined our model to better meet the needs of our members and provide pathways for their feedback. We established a Member Advisory Committee in 2022 that meets every quarter. Committee members include current and past coaching members from a variety of backgrounds who discuss Face It TOGETHER programs, operations and concepts. We so appreciate their time, feedback and thoughtful reflection on their experiences in coaching.

Committee membership

The Member Advisory Committee can include up to 15 former coaching members. Committee members are asked to commit to at least one year of participation and follow Face It TOGETHER values when participating in Committee meetings and activities.

Potential Committee members are identified or nominated by Face It TOGETHER team members and must meet the following criteria: 

  • Current coaching members must be considered well and at a point in their wellness journey where Committee participation will not impede their progress. They should have completed a minimum of six coaching sessions. It's suggested the current member demonstrates a 12% or higher change in their outcome measurement (Recovery Capital Index or Wellness Index) when compared to their baseline.
  • Past coaching members must have participated in peer coaching within the last year, completed at least six coaching sessions and been moved to the maintenance phase by their coach because they were doing well. It's suggested the member demonstrated a 12% or higher change in their outcome measurements (Recovery Capital Index or Wellness Index) when compared to their baseline.

If you're interested in participating in the Member Advisory Committee, please contact us.

Meet our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of persons with addiction, loved ones, former members and employees and current partners. The end result is a Board that is extremely engaged and invested in our mission.