Photo of Pat Reagan, Face It TOGETHER Board of Directors member

Pat Reagan

Entrepreneur, businessperson, founder of Heartland House (retired)

Recently retired, Pat founded Heartland House, a rapid rehousing program for families experiencing homelessness. Pat's family is forever grateful to the support they received from Face It TOGETHER.

Recently retired, Pat Reagan owned and operated a chain of employment agencies for 35 years and was also active in venture capital. After becoming passionate about the homeless problem in Sioux Falls, she founded Heartland House, a rapid rehousing program for families experiencing homelessness. The organization supplies housing, food, safety and life coaching classes to needy families with the goal of them becoming self-sufficient. Heartland House has seen a success rate of more than 80% during the last three decades.

Pat has been affected by addiction as a loved one. Her family member spent two years seeking recovery from addiction. After receiving Face It TOGETHER’s support as a loved one, her person at risk also enrolled in peer coaching. They both feel forever grateful to Face It TOGETHER and their peer coaches for their support, compassion and guidance during this desperate period of their lives.

Pat has served as a Board member for the South Dakota Symphony, Community Playhouse, Heartland House, YWCA and others. She is forever curious, always searching for knowledge and eager to help change the perceptions surrounding addiction.

Pat's husband is a retired Augie professor. They have two adult daughters and six nearly perfect granddaughters! In her free time, she enjoys golf, pickleball, gardening, water sports, reading and traveling.

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