Find your way to wellness

With a professional peer coach from Face It TOGETHER, you'll discover a better life.

Face it better, together

Our experienced coaches help guide you through the challenges you're facing around addiction.

Your coach is your wellness partner, providing knowledge, support and practical tools – or accountability – depending on your needs.

Our flexible, personalized approach means that you get the support you need in a way that's convenient to your schedule. See our membership plans and their costs here.

We focus on improving every aspect of your life – not just the part that involves drinking or using.

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If you're struggling

It's easy to fail when sobriety is your only measure of success. You choose your path, and we're right there with you to help you succeed.

  • Get emotional support from a peer.
  • Develop effective strategies for behavior change.
  • Learn practical skills to manage your addiction.
  • Translate goals into action.
  • Address barriers holding you back.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Get extra support after a setback.
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About coaching

Your first two coaching visits are free. After that, for a monthly membership fee, you'll receive confidential and non-judgmental support from our experienced coaches.

  • Convenient and flexible to fit into your day-to-day life.
  • Personalized assessments of current strengths, challenges and risks.
  • Custom addiction management plan and action steps.
  • Data to track your progress.
  • Unlimited messaging with your coach.
  • Connection to other resources to support wellness.
  • Navigation to treatment and clinical care as needed.
  • Flexible membership plans to fit your budget.

Flexible and easy to access

By video

Connect with your coach from anywhere via secure video.

By phone

Talk with your coach by phone for weekly sessions or check-ins.

In person

Meet your coach in person at one of our coaching centers.

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Help for loved ones

If you're struggling to overcome feelings of blame, set boundaries or understand your loved one's addiction, our coaches are here to support you. We reject tough love and focus on positive ways to help.

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