Proof that it works? We've got the data.

The world has one data point for addiction wellness: sobriety. We don't buy that.

We focus on all aspects of life. We ask our members, “Are you more hopeful?” “Is your employment more stable?” “Are things better at home?” And yes, “Have you used?”

These and many other measurements prove that our members are doing better. And doing better – not just being sober – is what gets people well.

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Member transformation

Our new report on coaching outcomes shows that we're transforming lives in meaningful ways. It includes our 10-year story, a snapshot of our members and key outcomes related to those we coach and the communities in which we operate.

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Our social return on investment

We partnered with an external firm to conduct a social impact analysis of our peer coaching. It shows that every dollar spent on coaching delivers more than $12 to the community. 

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Recovery Capital Index

How we measure addiction wellness

Sobriety alone doesn't tell us much about changes in a person's whole wellbeing.

Our proprietary measurement tool gives members a true picture of their addiction wellness – in more than 26 areas covering emotional, mental and physical health.

We use that data to connect the dots for our members and create a personalized plan of action.

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