The Recovery Capital Index

  • Face It TOGETHER's proprietary tool for measuring changes in addiction health.
  • Externally validated as an effective measure of addiction wellness, regardless of a person's treatment modality, recovery pathway or substance.
  • Captures multiple domains of physical, mental and emotional wellness.
  • A multi-dimensional score, from 1 to 100.
  • Tracks progress and informs customized coaching support.
  • Used for members with the disease and loved ones.

In May 2018, external validation of the RCI was published in the peer-reviewed journal South Dakota Medicine.  

The results demonstrate that the RCI is an effective assessment for measuring multiple dimensions of addiction wellness, irrespective of a person’s treatment modality, recovery or wellness pathway or substance of abuse.

Graphic of the Recovery Capital Index

A true picture of wellness

Recovery capital is the depth and breadth of internal and external resources that can be used by someone to begin and sustain wellness from addiction.

Face It TOGETHER developed the Recovery Capital Index (RCI) to provide more useful information about changes in the wellbeing of our members as they work with our coaches.The RCI tracks changes in three primary areas shown to play a key role in someone's ability to get well from addiction -- personal, social and cultural capital.

There are few effective measures for recovery from drug and and alcohol addiction - most narrowly focus only on sobriety. The RCI is a holistic, person-centered metric that tracks wellness of the whole person.

We use the RCI to measure member progress, inform individualized care and support and prove outcomes.

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