Photo of addiction peer coach Aubrey

Aubrey (she/her)

Coach, Sioux Falls

Aubrey struggled with addiction for more than 10 years and has a range of experiences as a loved one to call upon. She has always wanted to help others impacted by addiction and let them know they're not alone.

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one

Coaching since: 2021

Lived experience:
My primary addiction was to alcohol, which I struggled with it for more than 10 years. Throughout my addiction I experienced extreme anxiety, embarrassment, panic attacks and shame to myself and my family. I finally decided enough was enough and took my life back. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick, but I’m glad to say that I’m now living a full and healthy life with my family.

I have also been on the other side of addiction as a loved one – I’ve provided support for many people in various ways throughout my life. At Face It TOGETHER, I’ve found my purpose and a positive way to use my experiences.

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Professional background:
I’ve worked primarily in customer/client service and program management, which has given me skills in time management, teamwork and communication. I hope to use these skills to help others as a peer coach.

Communication, listening, motivation, healthy boundaries, mental health

I love spending time with my family outdoors, crafting, cooking and anything that we can do together to build lasting memories!

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