Photo of Kattie Lail, peer coach supervisor in Sioux Falls

Kattie Lail

Addiction Wellness Coach Supervisor

In addition to coaching members, Kattie supports, mentors and guides the coaching team.

Kattie Lail serves as a mentor to the coaching staff, helps facilitate a collaborative environment and provides opportunity for continued improvement and learning. As the Addiction Wellness Coach Supervisor, she also ensures compliance and analyzes coaching operations for improvement opportunities. Kattie has experience as a licensed addiction counselor and works with individuals who are incarcerated and struggling with addiction.

As someone who grew up around addiction, Kattie’s own drug use started very young. She struggled with meth addiction and spent three years in federal prison for drug-related charges. As a coach, she’s passionate about seeing the best in someone even when they can’t.

Kattie is based in Sioux Falls, SD. Her greatest joy comes from spending time with her son, husband and two Great Danes. She also enjoys running, practicing yoga and reading.

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