Addiction wellness at work

We featured three stories of how Face It TOGETHER @ Work (previously called the Workplace Initiative) helped people get well from addiction in Sioux Falls. Healthy employees are more fulfilled, more productive and often do better work.

“To have your employer back you up and say, ‘Here’s our shoulder to lean on,’ they helped take that pressure off of you. For that employee to know that hey, you don’t have to do this alone. Because being active in that addiction, you already feel alone,” said Becky, a Face It TOGETHER @ Work member in Sioux Falls. “Having my employer walk beside me, they have helped raise me up from that dark pit. One thing that I didn’t have to worry about was if I was going to have my job or not when I came back from treatment.”

Addressing addiction in the workplace improves productivity, reduces costs and saves lives. As an employer, there are steps you can take to help your employees and their loved ones get well. Learn more about that here.

Our solution is simple, effective and easy to implement. We help employers support their communities and improve their bottom line with Face It TOGETHER @ Work.

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