Terry's story

If ever Terry Liggins feels tired of going on, he thinks of his daughter. That gives him everything he needs to keep believing in himself and the power of his recovery story.

Video: “It truly is a day at a time”

Photo of Terry being interviewed in Sioux Falls, SD

Published Dec. 8, 2022

If you know Sioux Falls, chances are you know Terry Liggins. He’s a coach, mentor and advocate for empowerment and trauma-informed care. He’s also one of our long-term members and supporters. From volunteering during our annual golf tournament to participating in our Member Advisory Committee, Terry is there for us, lending support and sharing his powerful story.

Including Terry in our latest video project was a no-brainer. We recently had the immense privilege of interviewing five of our members to learn more about their histories, what lightbulb moments they had in recovery and how Face It TOGETHER has helped them along their journeys to wellness.

Watch Terry's video to hear more about his journey, including where he draws his strength today.


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