Drawing strength as a father: Terry's recovery story

Published Dec. 8, 2022

Terry Liggins grew up around drugs, gangs and violence. He survived his first drive-by shooting at 6 years old. But it wasn't until he was 30 that he received education surrounding trauma.

Terry first came to Face It TOGETHER in 2016 after being released from federal prison.

"While I was away in prison I participated in a drug treatment program," he said. "That's where the light bulbs about addiction first began to turn on for me."

Even when Terry didn't believe in himself, his coach was there to provide hope, support and living proof that recovery got easier.

"It's the conviction and the certainty of the coach that keeps you coming back," he said. "Dave was certain that it would get easier and there would be rewards. And he was right."

Since then, Terry has started his own nonprofit: The Hurdle Life Coach Foundation. The Foundation's vision is a world where every person is seen, supported and empowered.

"Through my company I advocate for trauma sensitivity, trauma-informed practices and care and look to partner with community-based organizations, courts, schools and nonprofits," he said. "I shine a light on compassion-driven work and what it means to work with someone who has had adversity in their past."

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