A decade of solving addiction

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary in South Dakota

We’ve been helping people impacted by addiction – including loved ones – for 10 years in Sioux Falls.

To celebrate, we're hosting an open house Oct. 21 from 5 to 7 p.m. We'd love to see our supporters and coaching members from over the years! Come enjoy cake, talk with our team and help us celebrate this exciting milestone.

Until then, we're publishing stories and quotes from our team, coaching members and community supporters in Sioux Falls. If Face It TOGETHER has made an impact in your life, you can share it with us here.

6,036 people with the disease 
coached over 10 years

12,571 total coaching sessions

286 loved ones coached
since 2016

Photo of Terry Liggins, Sioux Falls coaching member

Overcoming trauma and addiction with peer support

Terry Liggins now provides motivation, inspiration and education to others in the community.

"That relatability evokes a trust. When you feel like a person can relate to where you're coming from, you can trust them because they have the same stories," he said. "Trust is difficult to give over because people are afraid information will be used against them. But when someone has the same type of story, there's no room for that."

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Photo of Kai Morrison and Joe Tlustos

Feeling understood in addiction recovery

Though Kai Morrison had seen a counselor before, he didn’t feel understood when it came to his drinking. That changed when he came to Face It TOGETHER and met his coach, Joe Tlustos.

“I realized this guy has been there, he has done it," Morrison said.

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Photo of Parker Stewart with his three sons

Vulnerability, patience and connection

As a third-generation entrepreneur and father of three boys, Parker Stewart is used to going full speed. When it came to his addiction recovery, he learned to slow down, practice mindfulness and remain patient.

"It’s okay to embrace the hardships, the tears, the frustrations, the anger, the pain," he said. "Sharing that isn't a sign of weakness, it’s an ability to draw strength from others.”

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Photo of peer coaching member Melissa Flynn

Helping loved ones

Melissa Flynn’s stepson, Nicholas, died from an opioid overdose in May 2018. Since then, she’s made it her mission to help others.

“There needs to be more programs like Face It TOGETHER – ones that give families the lifeline they need, the correct advice, the community and the safety of the shared experience."

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Photo of Face It TOGETHER signage

'I just needed someone to speak with'

Carlos Guirola shared his firsthand experience as a coaching member in Sioux Falls. Read it here.

Photo of Monique Johnson, former Sioux Falls executive director

Our legacy in Sioux Falls

"Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls started a legacy that will save lives for generations to come. As a former Executive Director, I witnessed many members remove barriers along their journeys to wellness. In addition, I saw FIT staff members care deeply about their calling to help those suffering from addiction. FIT is truly lifesaving!"

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