Data drop: Healthy lifestyles

This month's data drop is 85%.

Face It TOGETHER (FIT) members with the disease of addiction make healthy changes in their lifestyles as they stay engaged with a peer addiction management coach. After 30 days of coaching, 85% of our members with addiction have established daily activities to support their wellness.  

FIT requests all members complete a Recovery Capital Index (RCI) at baseline and every 30 days while engaged with one of our coaches. The RCI tracks changes in three primary areas shown to play a key role in someone's ability to get well from addiction: personal, social and cultural capital. Social capital, which captures changes to health activities and environment, includes metrics such as safety and access to healthcare. 

In this analysis of RCIs taken from Jan. 1, 2016 to Nov. 13, 2018, most members (71%) showed significant change in health activities after 120 days of coaching. Members showed growth in this area at each stage of engagement with a peer coach: 30 days – 49%; 60 days – 61%; 90 days – 69%.  

This analysis focused on members who had a positive or negative change at 120 days on four specific metrics: family support, access, community encouragement and established routines (Figure 1). Members with positive changes included: 

  • 69% felt their healthy lifestyle was supported by their families; 
  • 80% had adequate access to healthy activities;  
  • 69% were encouraged by their communities to be healthy; and 
  • 73% established routines to support their wellness plans.
Members with positive change after 120 days of coaching
Figure 1: Members with positive change after 120 days of coaching

FIT peer coaches help members identify ways to improve their health activities and environments. Our coaches guide each individual toward his or her personalized healthy living goals.

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