Our legacy in Sioux Falls

We’ve been helping people impacted by addiction – including loved ones – for 10 years in Sioux Falls. 

We're publishing stories and testimonials from our team, coaching members and community supporters in Sioux Falls throughout the month. If Face It TOGETHER has made an impact in your life, you can share it with us here.

Photo of Monique Johnson, former Sioux Falls executive director

"Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls started a legacy that will save lives for generations to come. As a former Executive Director, I witnessed many members remove barriers along their journeys to wellness. In addition, I saw FIT staff members care deeply about their calling to help those suffering from addiction. FIT is truly lifesaving!

Congratulations to every FIT team member that has worked or volunteered at FIT. You played a part in the lifesaving journey and should be proud of FIT’s 10-year milestone. I know I am!"

– Monique Johnson, former Sioux Falls Executive Director

Photo of Jessica Lueking,

“In many cases, working in the field of addiction, there are few resources at our disposal. Because Face It TOGETHER is available, individuals and loved ones are better connected to the right places, right people and support they need. I have never experienced a wellness program like FIT in any other entity I have worked with through these last 10 years.

I have always felt a connection of the heart in each FIT team member with whom I have worked. FIT services are meant to work in collaboration with other providers, treatment centers and those that are suffering from the impact of addiction. With collaboration, people get well. It’s all about the people, getting the help they need and about enjoying a life of longterm wellness.

Thank you FIT for all over the work, the heart work and positive connection over these years. Congratulations on a decade in the process of getting people well!”

– Jessica Lueking, Genesis Counseling and Consulting LLC owner and therapist

Photo of Rachel Herlyn, Sioux Falls coaching member and volunteer

"Not only did I suffer from addiction and get well, but thanks to Dave Jansa, I learned many different ways to help my son.

With every recurrence of symptoms, I would give him encouraging words instead of telling him what he needed to do. I didn't use stigmatizing or blaming language because I wanted to remove the guilt and shame he was feeling. Now he is going on one year of wellness and is back in college. Dave Jansa was a blessing to me and my son."

– Rachel Herlyn, former member and volunteer

Photo of Face It TOGETHER addiction management center in Sioux Falls

"Face It TOGETHER is there for me. No judgement. No criticism. Just a listening ear, guidance and support. Thank you, Dave Jansa and my caring, loving Tuesday night support group. I may only drop in on occasion, but you always welcome me with open arms.

When I came to FIT, so many awful and scary things were happening. I liked FIT's philosophy of positivity and focusing on the self. I can always count on Dave."

– Sarah Kopp, loved one coaching member in 2014

Photo of Julie Schoolmeester, former Sioux Falls Executive Director

"Happy birthday, Face It TOGETHER! It was good fortune or just plain luck that landed me with the organization as we were looking for a larger facility and bringing on new community board members. More than anything, I’m grateful for my time leading FITSF. Although I had previous nonprofit experience, I certainly wasn’t the most qualified or educated candidate for the job.

Being the Executive Director at FITSF gave me the confidence to achieve more and dream bigger. FITSF opened my mind to new possibilities and taught me how to thrive in a space where change was constant and expected. Being part of a team dedicated to changing the way we think and feel about addiction was incredible. Plus, I got the bonus of a mentor and friend who I still call for advice.

My personal recovery path is remarkably ordinary. Most of the time, I feel like I was saved from myself. Recovery was never sobriety for me. Sobriety was a kick-start that helped, but recovery isn’t all or nothing.

Thank you to everyone from whom I learned along the way – you know who you are."

– Julie Schoolmeester, former Sioux Falls Executive Director