#GiveTogetherNow offers financial relief

The hardships presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt in every community and among every demographic.

“I want us to remember the people with addiction and the loved ones of people with addiction in this time. They’re feeling trapped, they don’t have anywhere to go… it’s very easy for them to stay at home and fuel their addiction," said Amber Thomas, a Face It TOGETHER peer coach in Sioux Falls.

Thanks to the #GiveTogetherNow campaign, many families are getting extra support. Made possible by the partnership between Family Independence Initiative and Stand Together Foundation, those who are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic may receive a $500 cash transfer.

Thomas took time to say thank you and share how the campaign has helped one of her coaching members.

“You’ve helped out one single mom in particular find a healthy place for her and her son for the night. She had to use some of that money to get a hotel room. Her fiancé is deep in his addiction and from the bottom of her heart and mine, I thank you for giving her that opportunity so we can continue coaching,” she said.

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