Willow's story

Willow Honerkamp has a story of darkness and trauma, but also of hope and resilience. To anyone struggling in their own darkness, Willow says, "Have faith in yourself, love yourself and give yourself some grace, because you can do it."

Video: "I didn’t even want to exist”

Photo of Willow being interviewed about her addiction journey in Sioux Falls, SD

Published Dec. 8, 2022

Willow has an incredible story of resilience that we hope you'll watch and share with others. Her life today is full of positivity, creativity and wellness.

"Living that way for so long, it was really dark. Now I'm doing the stuff I did before I used. I thought drugs made me a better person, more outgoing. But without them, life is just good," she said. "I think my resilience says something about me. Today, I practice integrity, honesty and accountability. If I do good I’ll get good."

We recently had the immense privilege of interviewing five of our members to learn more about their histories, what lightbulb moments they had in recovery and how Face It TOGETHER has helped them along their journeys to wellness. We hope you'll watch them all and draw strength, hope and compassion from their powerful stories. 


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