Workplace partner Q&A: GE Johnson Construction

GE Johnson, a FIT @ Work partner in Denver, is dedicated to supporting its team members, strengthening its culture and tackling a critical issue facing our community.

What initially struck you about Face It TOGETHER and its approach with employers?
Initially, we were impressed with FIT’s overall approach to dealing with addiction. First, education is provided to help people feel less ashamed about their personal situations and help them feel more comfortable reaching out for help. Secondly, the results-based focus that FIT has on helping people is very powerful. We felt confident that our investment would deliver a return; we expect the metrics provided by the program to inform us of the progress while maintaining confidentiality. Finally, FIT does not “end” like an EAP relationship may end for an employee. For those who need help dealing with addiction, FIT and its peer coaches stick with it until an individual finds wellness.

What challenges does addiction present to your specific company or industry? How will Face It TOGETHER @ Work address those challenges?
We have seen firsthand how addiction can affect our employees and our team. From employees who struggled with addiction while working, to employees who lost family members to addiction, we have see the direct and indirect impacts addiction. The disease – even a family member’s addiction – can have a direct impact on a person’s ability to be their best at work and outside of work.

Could you speak to how FIT @ Work fits within your organization’s culture?
FIT is a great fit with our culture. We value relationships and as an employee-owned company we have always treated our employees as family. FIT allows us to further demonstrate care for our team members by getting them real help for this serious issue in a confidential and meaningful way.

What do you think the long-term impacts of FIT @ Work will be in your company? In the wider community?
We believe FIT will be able to get real, actionable and result-based help to employees and family members struggling with addiction. When people find ways to manage this disease and get well, they will be more effective employees, team members and community members. 

How often do you think your employees will utilize remote video coaching? Why is it important that Face It TOGETHER has that capability?
Video coaching was a huge reason why we knew FIT was the right partner for us. We have projects and work covering at least seven states, including some in very remote locations with little access to care for addiction. Knowing that our employees will always have access to great help with the use of a phone made us feel comfortable that we would be able to provide support for anyone who wants it.

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