David's story

By Pollen

He calls it a former life, the years of drinking that led to five DUIs, ending with jail time and years of probation. In his current life, he analyzes data at Sioux Falls-based Face It TOGETHER, using technology to help people get well and to destigmatize addiction care. This year he was also named a Bush Foundation Fellow and is examining what it means to be a leader, and how addiction – treated and untreated – can have a ripple effect on communities. 

In the Face It TOGETHER office, built like a startup to attract talent from all around, David’s love for technology fits in well too.   That sense of always looking forward backlights a defining principle of constant improvement, evident in the nonprofit’s work. But at the same time, David doesn’t balk when sharing his past, as it represents an example of how transformation can happen with help. He’s thoughtful and transparent as he answers tough questions about the illness that consumed him for years before going into remission. 

Read the full profile of David here.

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