Our 2020 donors

We’re beyond grateful for all the support we’ve received from individuals, corporations and foundations. The financial gifts we receive allow us to provide high quality coaching at no cost to many of our members. In 2020, more than 80% of all completed coaching sessions were provided at no cost to members.

For every dollar spent on coaching people with addiction, there’s a $12.40 social return on investment to the community. Additionally, there’s a $2.58 social return on investment for every dollar spent on coaching loved ones. The greatest beneficiaries of our coaching include individuals (loved ones and persons with addiction), government, healthcare, employers and victims of crime.

Here's a list of our generous donors from last year.

Founders society $20,000+

Dan Kirby
Kevin Kirby

Leadership circle $10,000+

Sammons Financial Group
Miles Beacom
Raven Industries

Trailblazers $5,000+

GE Johnson Construction Company Community Foundation
Mark Graham
Greg & Pam Sands Foundation
Marlene Rance
Robert and Rita Elmen Foundation

Advocates $1,000+

Greg Sands
Al Cronemiller
Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation
Steve Egger
Mary Pat Sweetman
Terry A Ruhl
Community Reformed Church
Douglas Herron Sr.
HyVee, Inc. Corporate Offices
Tamara Bosco
Randy Derheim
Watson Family Foundation
Erika Batcheller
Suzanne Hegg
Mark Jansa
Jack Marsh
Ron Moquist
Jerry Sweetman

Friends $250+

Trygve Fredrickson
Kathleen Threadgold
Jeff Brecht
Bill Byrne
Anne Hajek
Don Jacobs
Judy Oggero
Duane Sather
Dave Jansa
Jim Sturdevant
Stephen Myers
Susan Olson
Jeff Parker
Wendy White
Paul Bruflat
Robert Millen

Supporters $50+

Balanced Life Chiropractic
Richard Miller
Eric Double
Fargo Furniture Company
Vicki Miller
Megan Schenk
Kristen Goettsch
Bill Miller
Penny Timmins Nordstrom
Taylor Bartow
Paul Batcheller
Wendy Bunkers
Troy Clavel
Sara Crosby
Tony Erickson
Emma Laird
Eric McDonald
Heather Olson
Kimber Severson
Smart Recovery Family & Friends Group
Sara Strand Glover
John Adler
Donna VanBockern
Amy Bourne
Shelly Birk
Paul Beninga
Daniel Bollinger
Kathy Codner
Davis Cowan
Tom Hackl
Hugo Hietapelto
Sue Karlen
Heather Klinger
Marilyn Koehlmoos
Doug Lindner
Sonja Lindsay
Kaitlin Olson
Trevor Risch
Myra Schroedermeier
Patrick Showers
Susan Simko
Dennis Thurman
Sara Unruh
Renee Wolford
Melanie L Carpenter
Tierney Elliot
Molly Heisler
Richard Johnson
Diane Krupinsky
Amy Olson-Miller
Stan Swain
Stacey Munk
Libby Nachtigal
Sophia Nieman
Peyton Rymerson
Samantha Schwartz
David Whitesock
Jonathan Komschlies
Richard Barnett
Mary Blaschke
Wendy Bunker
Adrienne Clark
Colleen Clavel
Jami Codner
Katie Day
Vicki Field
First National Wealth Management
Melissa Flynn
Robin Green
Joan Grotz
Lauren Hall
Kate Hammer
Amy Herrick
Colin Hietapelto
Kassie Hoiland
Robin Kammerer
Michelle Kirk
Jenny Knuth
Karen Littlejohn
Wendy Lottman
Lisa Loving
Kristi Masterson
Makayla Muchow
Macey Nielson
Emma Osmundson
Betty Otta
Amy Potas
Shannon Risnes
Matt Running
Mallory Schenk
Linda Soyland
Laura Lee Thomas
Kathleen Tinklenberg
Dakota Weisbecker
Grace K Williamson
Linda Anderson
Kristen Boyle
Kent Brick
Meghan Bruggeman
Susan Collignon-Hodgen
Eide Bailly LLP
Diane Hall
Allison Metzger
Barbara Ohme
Lori O'Keefe
Terry Schulte