Data drop: Engaged members

This month's data drop is 255.

As of the end of the first quarter of 2017, Face It TOGETHER affiliates had an average of 255 members engaged per month in 2017.

Someone meets the definition of a member if they are enrolled in a Face It TOGETHER (FIT) affiliate peer coaching program (person with disease or loved one) and are being coached by a FIT-trained peer coach (person with disease or loved one) using the FIT peer coaching model they were trained on.

A member is defined as engaged if they've participated in a meaningful interaction (e.g., in person coaching session, coaching or check in call, ongoing email and/or SMS) during the period defined.

Graphic of engaged clients each month
Figure 1: Engaged members by month and location

On average, by 2017 Q1, FIT affiliates had 255 members engaged per month in 2017 as compared to 139 in 2016 (Figure 1).

Looking closer at these engaged members, each person on average had 15 interactions (visit, call, email, SMS) as of 2017 Q1. We expect to see this number rise exponentially as we expand the number of affiliates seeing members.

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