Kelly's 20-year alcohol addiction journey

Published Dec. 8, 2022

Kelly Fox, now 66, grew up in a drinking environment. At the time, he didn't think it wasn't a big deal. But after facing a devastating financial crisis in 2003, his alcohol addiction took him on a run-away train for years.

“Instead of going to see a counselor, I thought the liquor store was a better choice," he said.

While in active addiction, Kelly went through a divorce, lost his faith, missed out on time with his family and ended up in jail and the hospital more times than he can count.

"All the things that take place in addiction, I’ve done them all," he said. "I’ve experienced about as much as you can experience without going to prison from my disease."

Today, Kelly is taking his recovery a day at a time. He's grateful from the guidance he's received from Terri, his peer coach at Face It TOGETHER.

“I’m slowly getting rid of the shame and guilt. And finding Christ again," he said. "Put that together with Face It TOGETHER, you got a powerful antidote.”

He hopes sharing his story will help others who need to know they're not alone.

"When you’re lost in the darkest hole there is, it’s very lonely," he said. "If I can help one person by sharing my story, that's a success to me."

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