Kristen's story

Kristen Goettsch and her son are now in a place of wellness, openness and hope. She wants other moms grappling with their children's addictions to know they don't have to face it alone.

Video: “It’s a beautiful picture of hope for my family”

Photo of Kristen, Sioux Falls, SD coaching member

Published Dec. 8, 2022

We recently had the immense privilege of interviewing five of our members to learn more about their histories, what lightbulb moments they had in recovery and how Face It TOGETHER has helped them along their journeys to wellness.

Kristen is not only a loved one member, but also our Senior Evaluation Scientist. Her thoughtfulness regarding addiction wellness data and commitment to advancing our loved one program are unmatched. We're beyond grateful for her willingness to share her story and for the expertise and compassion she demonstrates in her work each day.

Please share her video with anyone you know whose family is impacted by addiction. There is hope and there is help. 


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