Loved one coaching focus of external validation

News release

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Face It TOGETHER’s unique loved one coaching and its positive outcomes for families struggling with addiction have been validated through a recently-published analysis.

The qualitative study was published in South Dakota Medicine, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal, in April 2021 and answered the following research question: What changes do persons with addiction and loved ones report in their relationships after participating in Face It TOGETHER peer coaching? The study centers on the interviews of seven former coaching members, three with addiction and four loved ones. Five overarching themes were identified, ranging from the pain and helplessness caused by addiction to the improved communication coaching provided.

“Loved ones are often in desperate need of effective, compassionate resources to address the addiction in their lives,” said Ally Krupinsky, Director of Communications and the study’s primary author. “I’m grateful this study has been published and hopeful that more loved ones seek and receive the help they need.”

Face It TOGETHER launched its loved one program in 2017 after recognizing the need for loved one-oriented peer support in the community. The organization rejects harmful concepts such as tough love and codependency and instead promotes compassionate, evidence-based approaches. Loved one coaches help members set boundaries, problem solve addiction-related issues and provide education regarding the disease. According to Face It TOGETHER’s data, 83% of loved one members have established healthy boundaries with their person at risk while enrolled in coaching.

“We’re proud of our commitment to data-driven, member-first decision making,” Krupinsky said. “This study is one of many ways we ensure we’re achieving our mission: to get people with addition and their loved ones well.”

This represents the second validation study Face It TOGETHER has had published in a peer-reviewed journal. In 2018, the Recovery Capital Index was externally validated as an effective assessment for measuring multiple dimensions of addiction wellness, irrespective of a person’s treatment modality, wellness pathway or substance of abuse. These validation efforts provide an opportunity for Face It TOGETHER to contribute to the body of knowledge to advance the prevention, treatment and long-term support for individuals with addiction and those who are closest to them.

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