Facing pandemic uncertainty, together

Since March, we've all been living in a new reality. The emergence of COVID-19 has changed the way we think about our most basic day-to-day experiences. Our grocery shopping routines have changed, schools are grappling with virtual learning and many of our jobs have adapted to meet new challenges.

Those with addiction to alcohol and other drugs face additional struggles because of COVID-19. Persons with the disease and their loved ones face uncertainty in their wellness, their community and their employment. Here are just a few challenges our members have reported:

  • Interruptions to access of the drug of choice leads to a range of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, including risk of withdrawal.
  • Some are using this time to attempt abstinence from whatever substance they are struggling with.
  • Some have discovered they rely on substances much more than they previously thought. This leads to a need for someone to talk to. In particular, someone with a similar lived experience who won't judge or criticize. 
  • Many are restricted from the social interaction and support they received at work, the gym, family events and group meetings (e.g. SMART) that have been cancelled or moved online.
  • Loved ones are desperate to find solutions to their most pressing need: caring for their person at risk while maintaining the social distancing requirements of their community.
  • Loved ones are feeling the deep exhaustion that comes with compassion fatigue. Often, they are the primary caregiver of someone struggling with addiction as well as their children, who are now at home.

Face It TOGETHER has taken intentional steps to address these challenges, including offering free coaching, virtual sessions and flexible payment options. We need your help to continue providing these flexible, low cost options.

Between March 1 and June 15, coaches provided 755 remote coaching sessions. An initial outcomes review of those who participated shows that these sessions are comparable in their effectiveness and impact.

Virtual sessions provide the flexibility members need in response to altered work schedules, closed schools and the need for social distancing.

We invite you to invest in this life-saving support. Consider making a gift to help those on their journey toward wellness. There are multiple ways to support this mission:

  • Make a one-time gift to support the mission and vision of Face It TOGETHER
  • Consider a recurring monthly gift to support those seeking peer-based coaching
  • Include your friends and family by donating your birthday 

Your support of peer coaching changes lives. Thank you for your involvement and support. We will continue to impact lives in our community, TOGETHER.

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