A guide for employers

Whether you work at a company with 50 employees or 5,000, you have colleagues impacted by alcohol or other drug addiction. Many employers believe addiction doesn’t affect their business because they have a highly educated workforce or they drug test. With almost 10 percent of adults suffering from addiction, and at least three or four additional people impacted as loved ones, that’s simply not true.

In the Denver region alone, the estimated annual economic impact of addiction is $884 million. Employers bear the brunt of the costs, from turnover to increased absenteeism.

We've written extensively about the costs of addiction to businesses. Dave Jansa, our program advisor, shared his personal story of addiction wellness at work:

"Once I finally abstained from drinking entirely, I became a much happier, fulfilled person and employee. My transformation was subtle at first, but remarkable. I had more clarity and purpose at work, and ultimately became a valuable member of the team. I sold more product, fostered relationships with clients and coworkers, helped innovate products and was even awarded top salesman worldwide one year."

You can read the rest of his story here.

Our guide, in partnership with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, includes six tips to support team members and their loved ones.

Addiction: A hidden epidemic in the workplace