Data Drop: Healthcare Utilization

This week’s data drop is 65%.

From January 1, 2016 until July 25, 2017, Face It TOGETHER (FIT) clients with the disease of addiction reported a decrease in the number of times they visited a doctor or the emergency department after six months of addiction management coaching.

In this timeframe, 366 FIT clients with the disease of addiction completed 840 FIT Risk Assessments. This instrument is used to assess the risk for recurrence of addiction symptoms or issues that effect a client’s wellness. One of its 13 metrics is related to visits to a doctor or emergency department due to addiction-related issues.

Our data team looked closer at a cohort of clients – those self-reporting one or more visits to the doctor or the emergency department in the last sixth months because of addiction-related issues.

Of these clients, 63 remained engaged with a FIT coach for at least six months and reported at enrollment – 51% had one visit, 33% had two to three visits and 16% had more than four visits. After six months of coaching, 65% (41/63) of the clients self-reported having no visits in the last six months (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: How often have you visited the doctor or emergency department in the last 6 months because of addiction related issues?


Image showing reduction in healthcare usage


Healthcare utilization is just one of many factors FIT considers related to the risks and outcomes associated with our clients’ wellbeing.

Face It TOGETHER Health is working with providers to better manage the cost of addiction care and to deliver value-based outcomes. All of what we do, including the use of our data and the information it provides us, is important to our vision of solving the disease of addiction. 


Published August 16, 2017