Communications notice

Last updated: October 28, 2019.

We take your privacy very seriously and want to communicate with you only in the ways you are comfortable and expressly approve. Face It TOGETHER offers you the choice of preferred communications, whether personal electronic means (e.g., personal email address, text, etc.) or securely through our communications platform. Face It TOGETHER cannot be responsible for unauthorized access to information, including your health information, when sent to a personal email address, via text message, or left as a voicemail.  

When you complete our “Get Started” form on our website and provide your email address and phone number, you consent to Face It TOGETHER communicating with you by email and/or phone regarding Face It TOGETHER’s services. Our “Get Started” form asks for your approval to text any mobile number you provide us and whether we may leave a voice mail at any phone number you provide us. We do this for your comfort and security. 

Face It TOGETHER may also record all phones to and from Face It TOGETHER for Quality Improvement purposes. 

Periodically, we will verbally or electronically ask you to review and renew your communications preferences and authorizations. You may change your preferences and authorizations at any time through our App or by email at [email protected]