Photo of Shannon, addiction peer coach in Sioux Falls, SD

Shannon (she/her)

Coach, Sioux Falls

Shannon grew up around addiction and struggled with her own meth and morphine addiction. She still drinks alcohol in moderation. She loves making people feel welcome and heard, no matter what they're going through.

Coach type: Person with addiction

Coaching since: 2023

Lived experience:
My mother has struggled with addiction throughout my whole life. I have seven siblings who are all White; I was the only one with a Black father. I grew up feeling unwanted and unplanned and really struggled with my identity. I started drinking alcohol around age 13, but meth and morphine are really what I struggled with starting at age 17. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was hit with an overwhelming determination to be different from my mother. I haven’t use drugs since then, but I still drink alcohol in moderation.

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Professional background:
I’ve worked a number of odd jobs over the years, but I’ve spent most of my career in the service industry. I’ve been a server, manager, cook, bartender – I’ve pretty much done everything you can in a restaurant. Being good at what I do has helped me improve my self-worth and helped get me through early sobriety. I’m a hard worker and I love making people feel welcome and heard – whether they’re telling me their own addiction story or ordering their usual meal and drink.

Family addiction, self-worth and identity challenges, harm reduction, LGBTQIA+ community, self-harm

My partner, daughter and I love to go skating at the roller rink. We’re also big into movies, music, singing and playing guitar. In the summer, we travel and spend a lot of time outside. We especially love camping and hiking with our Boxers.

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