Photo of peer coach Kattie

Kattie (she/her)

Coach, Sioux Falls

Kattie grew up in a home with addiction and spent three years in federal prison for drug-related charges. She has a passion for criminal justice reform and wants to serve as a voice for those who are voiceless.

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one

Coaching since: 2021

Lived experience:
My addiction to meth started very young – it’s something I grew up around. I had several years of wellness before relapsing in 2015 and spending three years in federal prison for drug-related charges. Once I finally accepted help from others, I was able to find the support and connection I needed for long-term wellness. I want to be that person who sees the best in someone even when they can’t.

You can hear more of Kattie's story on this episode of the Rise to the Challenge podcast.

Professional background:
I’ve worked in the food industry on and off for several years. Additionally, I was as an addiction counselor for three years and worked closely with pregnant women and mothers.

Criminal justice system, high-risk populations, mental health, mindfulness

My biggest joy comes from spending time with my sons and husband. We like to take our Great Dane for walks, visit family, go fishing and enjoy a good meal! I also enjoy going for a run, doing yoga or spending time with a good book.

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