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Terri helps members successfully navigate the process of getting well, including taking on the tough challenges and providing the support needed to live healthy lives.

Q: A friend is struggling with what seems like addiction. Should I wait for him to hit “rock bottom” before he’ll get help?

A: The idea of hitting “rock bottom” is a myth, and it can be very dangerous. The longer you wait to offer help, the more likely the disease will have serious consequences.

It's essential to recognize and address addiction in its early stages, before the symptoms are really harmful or destructive. This approach is safer, less costly and will likely yield better results.

Offer nonjudgmental support and do your best to connect him to quality resources like support groups, licensed addiction counselors or other serviceslike a Face It TOGETHER peer coach.

If your friend is reluctant to commit to abstinence right now, our peer coaches can help him navigate his options. Read more on that here.

The sooner your friend gets the help he needs, the better. It’s more likely he’ll have resources like a supportive family or job to help him during his wellness journey.

If you're still unsure of how to approach your friend, you can get in touch with one of our loved one coaches here.

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