We're changing the thinking around this disease

David Whitesock, now our Chief Innovation Officer, shares his personal story and his passion for using data to power improvements in addiction care.

"I came to Face It TOGETHER because of my interest in those stigmas, those hurdles that, you know, individuals had to overcome," he said. "And when I got back to college, learned about the organization and was looking for an outlet... to get involved and got to know this organization from the very beginning. Now here I am.”

Today, Whitesock leads the development and execution of our digital, tech and data strategies. He describes Face It TOGETHER’s coaching as a transformational experience. 

“The indicators of success that we are developing here at Face It TOGETHER is around the notion of recovery capital. Think about all the things in an individual’s life that help them succeed,” he said. “Employment and housing, your income levels, your family situations. What’s your proximity to social supports in your community? And then what are the policy issues within your community? How do they treat addiction? And then they can begin to score that and develop an index. Not only for an individual, but an index for the community.”

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