Data drop: Healthcare usage

This month’s data drop is 83%.

Face It TOGETHER (FIT) members make healthy changes in their lifestyles as they stay engaged with a peer addiction management coach, including their access to and use of healthcare. After 60 days of coaching, most (83%) of our members no longer feel there is a financial barrier to accessing healthcare.

FIT requests all members complete a Risk Assessment (RA) and a Recovery Capital Index (RCI) at baseline and every 30 days while enrolled in coaching. This analysis focuses on assessments taken from Jan. 1, 2016 to March 22, 2019 and includes 130 members with the disease of addiction. All members indicated they had accessed healthcare because of an addiction-related issue in the six months prior to their first coaching session. 

Many individuals who are struggling with addiction seek healthcare for reasons other than their use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Use of the healthcare system, especially in conjunction with a primary care physician, can provide opportunities for screening, early intervention and supports long-term wellness. “Effective integration of prevention, treatment and recovery services across healthcare systems is key to addressing substance misuse and its consequences and it represents the most promising way to improve access to and quality of treatment.” 1

FIT coaches work with our members to address issues related to healthcare access and usage. Some of our members can't see a doctor because of the cost, while others report not having a primary care physician. After 60 days of engagement with a coach,  

  • 83% no longer report cost as a barrier to accessing healthcare;
  • 50% have identified a primary care physician; and 
  • 100% are more satisfied with their ability to access healthcare.
Graphic depicting healthcare-related improvements over time
Figure 1: Healthcare-related improvements over time. FIT members show positive change in access and satisfaction after engaging with a FIT coach.

For those members in the cohort, 40% report a decrease in healthcare use because of alcohol and/or other drugs after 30 days of engagement with a coach. After 60 days, 55% of our members report a decrease. Three months after their last session with a FIT coach, 82% of those who responded to a follow-up survey attributed positive changes in their health to FIT.  

FIT addiction management coaching has a great impact on our members, including their access to and use of healthcare. The integration of healthcare with addiction management services has the potential to reduce health disparities, reduce societal costs and improve health outcomes through better care coordination.1


More data

1. Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health