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Dave is a long-term survivor of the chronic disease of addiction. He's also one of the creators of our loved one coaching program, including its curriculum, training and execution.

Q: Sometimes the holidays are stressful. What are some ways I can stay on track and healthy?

A: Navigating social situations like holiday parties can be difficult for people who’ve recently started their wellness journey.

Preparing and rehearsing are two of the most important ways you can navigate certain situations. Be prepared to be offered your drug of choice, and be prepared to refuse it.

Some people are more comfortable admitting they’re in recovery, while others are more comfortable with making an excuse, whether it be work or health-related. Do whatever feels most comfortable to you.

Often, having a partner to back you up is a great support system. That person doesn’t have to be in recovery, but they’re someone you can lean on during stressful situations. If they’re willing and able, rehearsing and creating an exit strategy with them is incredibly helpful.

Lastly, always have an exit strategy. If something unexpected happens or something you try doesn’t work, be prepared to leave. Or, if you’re really apprehensive to begin with, you can always make an excuse not to go.

Ultimately, navigating social scenarios is different for everyone. If you’re unsure what’s best for you, one of our addiction management coaches can help you go through your options.

Happy holidays!

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