Workplace partner Q&A: Daniels Fund

The Daniels Fund was instrumental in our move to Denver. Already committed to supporting highly effective nonprofits through its grants program, the organization became a Face It TOGETHER @ Work partner this fall.

What initially struck you about Face It TOGETHER and its approach with employers?
Face It TOGETHER’s approach recognizes the impact addiction can have on a workplace and its productivity, not just for those struggling with addiction, but also their family members. The fact that coaching is available to employees and their loved ones is a great benefit. We think this service offers clear value to employers and their bottom lines.

What challenges does addiction present to your specific company or industry? How will Face It TOGETHER @ Work address those challenges?
Addiction is a disease that affects people across our community; it can impact all companies and industries. Face It TOGETHER offers a great option for any of our employees or their family members to get the support they need.

Could you speak to how FIT @ Work fits within your organization’s culture?
Our founder, Bill Daniels, struggled with addiction and ultimately achieved sobriety after seeking help. He directed the Daniels Fund to support people who are dealing with addiction, and it has become an important part of our organization’s culture. Offering this benefit to our employees and their families is a perfect fit for the Daniels Fund.

What do you think the long-term impacts of FIT @ Work will be in your company? In the wider community?
If an employee or a member of their family is dealing with addiction, it can have a significant impact on his or her job. The community will become healthier and more productive over time if people utilize this service.

Was there anything in particular about FIT @ Work that particularly appealed to your specific workforce? 
Face It TOGETHER not only helps people address addiction problems, but also coaches on other aspects of their lives, such as stresses that may contribute to their addiction, to make sure they stay well. This holistic approach increases the chances for a successful, lasting recovery.

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