Meet our new President

Jane Ingalls is a business executive and strategic leader of nearly 30 years. She’s been a trusted advisor to executive leadership teams and boards, with expertise in advancing business goals. She started as Face It TOGETHER President in early February.

Ingalls said she was impressed by the Face It TOGETHER mission and approach to solving addiction nationwide. As a 20-year resident of Denver, she knew the city was in “desperate need” of an organization like Face It TOGETHER.

“As I got to know the team, I was really intrigued with the approach, humbled by the mission and impressed with the culture,” she said.

Ingalls spent a week in Sioux Falls to meet the Face It TOGETHER team and learn more about the organization’s work. She spent one day at the Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls Addiction Management Center, where she shadowed multiple coaching sessions.

“I wasn’t sure if I could articulate prior to that why the coaching model – the peer-to-peer coaching model – is a really effective one,” she said. “And having spent a day in the center, I can tell you I left so convinced in the efficacy and the success of that approach because of the outstanding coaches, because of the training and because of the format itself. I was awed by that process, and humbled by it. I left thinking, ‘Wow, we’re really saving lives here.’”

Like every city in the country, Denver is facing the challenges of addiction, Ingalls said.

“We bring a unique approach and a different way of thinking about addiction,” she said. “Erasing the stigma attached to addiction and helping people get well is something every community needs, and Denver is no different.”

One of Ingalls’ primary roles as Face It TOGETHER President will be furthering the reach of the Workplace Initiative in Denver.

“Employers are realizing the tremendous impact addiction has on their employees, on their culture and also on their bottom line,” she said. “The Workplace Initiative brings an elegant solution to companies that have been grappling with this issue for a long time.”

Ingalls said Denver is fortunate to have business leaders who genuinely care about their community, state and employees.

“I think the Workplace Initiative will speak to them, not only as leaders of businesses, but as leaders in our community,” she said. “We’re fortunate to have many successful Colorado business leaders who are intent on making our community a better, healthier place for our residents.”

Though she feels she has more to learn about the disease of addiction, Ingalls shares reverence for those who suffer from it.

“Unfortunately, we all have friends and family members who suffer from addiction. Clearly, making them feel worse about suffering from a chronic disease doesn’t work,” she said. “I love the word ‘reverence’ as it pertains to our care for our clients and loved ones.”

Ingalls said she’s looking forward to being part of the team that introduces Face It TOGETHER to Colorado.

“I hope I can serve as a bridge,” she said. “What I know, what I’ve spent the last 30 years doing, is helping businesses succeed one way or another. I bring a complimentary skill set to my colleagues who have so much experience in the addiction space, and are pioneers, frankly. I hope I can bridge their tremendous knowledge with what businesses need to help their employees suffering with addiction, and our community.”


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