As Program Advisor, Michelle Venturelli helps train new coaches and oversees the quality assurance process for all coaches. She ensures our coaching team is effective and follows best practices. She also owns and runs a business with her daughter.

As a former Face It TOGETHER coach of loved ones and those with addiction, Michelle has a wealth of experience that informs her current work for the organization. She was instrumental in the launch of Face It TOGETHER’s first impressions process, which is still used to onboard all new coaching members.

Michelle has a range of personal and professional experiences related to addiction, including several years in law enforcement. In each of her roles, in jails, on patrol and in halfway houses, she worked closely with offenders and coached them in rebuilding crime- and drug-free lives. She also has considerable experience working with victims of domestic violence.

Based in Denver, CO, Michelle has a profound love for animals and owns several exotic pets. In her spare time, she likes watching scary movies.

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