Wade Robey has a passion and feels a deep commitment to help individuals and their families as they deal with the many challenges brought on by addition. Wade’s son (also named Wade) experienced a 14-year struggle with addiction that took his life in 2018 while he was living in Sioux Falls. His son’s battle included several inpatient stays, halfway facilities and outpatient counseling programs across four states, including two periods where he was in summer programs in Alabama and Minnesota.

None of these approaches truly helped Wade’s son in the long run, as they never really dealt with the underlying issues needed for long-term recovery. These programs also offered little support to the family members, who were suffering greatly. They also made Wade realize that a different, more comprehensive approach was needed. As a result, and as with others on our Board of Directors, Wade brings a perspective that includes personal tragedy. He is resolved to help others who also suffer from this disease.

Wade received a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science, a master’s in avian physiology from Auburn University and a doctorate in animal nutrition from Virginia Tech. He has spent more than 30 years in the Midwest working across the agriculture and food industries at companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Syngenta, Novozymes, POET and Raven Industries.

Wade’s son is in his thoughts daily. He hopes that sharing his story will not only be a cautionary tale to others, but also a source of comfort and hope. Helping others is a way to honor his son’s memory. Wade believes it’s what his son would have wished for, knowing the pain that his struggle and ultimate loss caused to those who will always love and miss him.

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