Data drop: Spirituality

This month's data drop is 28%.

From January 1, 2016 until April 30, 2018, Face It TOGETHER (FIT) members with the disease of addiction reported, through our Recovery Capital Index (RCI), they improved their spiritual wellbeing after at least 90 days of engagement with a peer addiction management coach.

The most significant change was the connection of spirituality to daily activities. At the baseline RCI, a little more than half of our members agreed their spirituality was connected to their everyday experiences. After 90 days of engagement, there was a 28% increase in this area (Figure 1).

Notable changes in members' spirituality after engagement also included: 

  • 17% more were satisfied with their spirituality after 60 days; and
  • 17% more got strength from a profound life or spiritual experience after 120 days (Figure 2).
Bar chart
Figure 1: Members report daily connection to their spirituality increased by 28%

The term spirituality is a broad concept encompassing experiences that bring a heightened sense of meaning and purpose in one’s life. Spirituality may be directly connected to a person’s religious beliefs, or may be a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. Research indicates the prevalence of spirituality in the recovery process can enhance coping and hope for the future and increases an individual’s sense of control and stability.*

Face It TOGETHER peer coaches are working with people affected by trauma and addiction to understand their own spirituality and the impact it may play in a person’s addiction wellness journey.

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*Laudet, A. B., & White, W. L. (2008). Recovery capital as prospective predictor of sustained recovery, life satisfaction, and stress among former poly-substance users. Substance use & misuse43(1), 27-54.