Photo of addiction peer coach Yvonne


Coach, Colorado Springs

Yvonne grew up surrounded by family members with addiction. She's a firm believer in showing compassion and support to those who are struggling.

Coach type: Loved one

Coaching since: 2020

Lived experience:

I grew up surrounded by several family members who battle addiction. During the process I didn't know how I could help them. It was difficult enough going through it with one person, but with several, I felt lost. Thankfully, I found resources that were helpful over time. I'm true believer that the best way to help as a loved one is to show your support and compassion.

Professional background:

My professional career has been in customer service within the healthcare field. I worked with members who had preexisting conditions by providing advice on a health policy. I also managed and coached the bilingual team for the marketplace in Colorado and worked on the technical side as a quality analyst.


Family support, healthcare, meditation 


I love reading inspirational and personal growth books during my spare time. I also enjoy hiking and discovering amazing trails in Colorado.

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