Photo of Tim Ryan, Face It TOGETHER Director of Business Development

Tim Ryan

Chief Financial Officer

Tim focuses on building financial sustainability, product pricing and coaching revenue for Face It TOGETHER.

As Chief Financial Officer, Tim has primary responsibility for the planning, implementation and managing of finance activities of Face It TOGETHER, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations.

He provides leadership and direction to the team, manages processes for financial forecasting and budgets and advises on long-term business and financial planning. 

Tim also works closely with external partners and stakeholders tied to financial sustainability of Face It TOGETHER.

He served as a partner and top executive for a market-leading pet products manufacturer for more than a decade, leading finance strategy, marketing and other activities for the company. 

Tim is grateful to be fifth-in-charge at home as the husband of a great woman, Katie, and father to Layla, Ada and Clark. When possible, Tim enjoys live music, running, golfing and deep dives on reddit.

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