Photo of peer coach Teresa Kaltenbach

Teresa Kaltenbach

Coach, Sioux Falls

Teresa embraces her personal experience to help other loved ones facing a family member's addiction.

Coach type:  Loved one coach

Coaching since: 2016

Lived experience:

How has addiction affected my life? The question should be: “How did I LET addiction take over my life?” The easy answer – I found myself falling apart and completely overcome with guilt and sadness. I spent every moment of every day worrying, trying to “fix” what I thought was a choice of destruction in someone I deeply loved. Face It TOGETHER helped me understand the health issues behind addiction, work through my feelings and teach me tools to get well. Today, I enjoy helping people of all backgrounds, no matter their walk of life.

Professional background:

I lead finance and administration and manage operations for Face It TOGETHER, in addition to serving as a coach. I have a diverse professional background, having worked in areas including executive administration, operations, accounting, management and outreach in both higher education and business.


Parent support, loved one support, crisis management, family dynamics


Sometimes it is hard for me to shut down from work and think about myself – I think it comes from many years of hiding from the past and not dealing with my true emotions. I find peace and calm when I’m with my family, so I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I feel that we all need someone to love us, and more importantly, we need people to love. 

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