Photo of Sue Unzelman, Sioux Falls Director of First Impressions

Sue Unzelman

Director of First Impressions, Sioux Falls

A longterm survivor of addiction, Sue is Director of First Impressions in Sioux Falls.

Coach type: Person with addiction

Lived experience:

I have more than 32 years of wellness. I got sober when I was 27 years old thanks to my twelve-step program. I work with girls every day who are trying to recover from addiction through AA.

Professional background:

I've worked for Face It TOGETHER for five years as coach, volunteer coordinator and now Director of First Impressions. Prior to that, I worked in the credit card world for more than 30 years. I also was a house manager for the Sober Living Homes in Sioux Falls for several years. 


Depression, anxiety, trauma


I like crafts and playing darts, crochet and piano. I also enjoy playing games and cards during the weekends with friends.

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