Photo of Sarah Morley, Face It TOGETHER Director of Community Engagement

Sarah Morley

Director of Community Engagement

Sarah has made a career out of bringing communities together to support the underserved.

Sarah Morley has made a career out of bringing communities together to support the underserved. “A rising tide lifts all boats” is an adage that guides her commitment to uniting people together to create a landscape for change.

In her role as Director of Community Engagement, she draws a web of addiction providers and services in Denver into a clear network for FIT coaches to refer clients to. She also seeks opportunities to engage with the addiction community at large and to find opportunities for even competitors to work towards a common goal: solving addiction. 

Prior to discovering Face it TOGETHER, Sarah helped a newly-minted nonprofit go from a few volunteers in one city to a full staff with an international network of volunteers and raise $17 million for neurofibromatosis (NF) research. It was in that role she saw the magic that can happen when strangers come together in a united front to solve a problem. It was also an opportunity to talk to Hoda and Kathy Lee on the Today Show, but we digress. 

Outside of the office, Sarah is a frequent traveler, often leaving the country to try new food and attempt to pick up other languages. On one fateful trip to Nicaragua, she discovered a passion for surfing and has been a glutton for World Surf League wave reports ever since. She's supported by her oversized golden retriever, Captain Ted, who's frequently interviewed by the local news for his absurd Christmas cards. Together, their interests involve hiking, snowshoeing and listening to podcasts on economics and the human brain.

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