Photo of Roman, addiction peer coach


Coach, Colorado Springs

Roman has a family history of addiction and is also in recovery himself. He served in the military for more than seven years, was deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months and is passionate about helping other veterans find wellness.

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one

Coaching since: 2021

Lived experience:
I’ve been surrounded by family addiction my whole life. My own alcohol addiction started when I was a soldier in the Army. I had a period of sobriety while I was overseas, but my drinking took off again once I came back. I was drinking every day, even before I went to work. Once I finally realized how much I was leaning on the bottle and what it was doing to my family, I knew I needed to get well.

Professional background:
I joined the Army right out of high school and served for more than seven years. I was stationed in Alaska and Colorado and was deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months in 2018. I learned a lot during my time in Army, including leadership, humility and the reality of how prevalent problematic use is within the military population.

Military, PTSD, family support

I’m all about my family – we do almost everything together. I’m a girl dad of a 6-year-old, Aleena, and two 2-year-olds, Gabby and Aaliyah. My fiancé, Charnecia, and I also have a dog and two cats. I enjoy playing football and my fiancé is a former swimmer; we’re very active and travel as much as we can.

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