Photo of peer coach Rachel Herlyn

Rachel Herlyn

Coach, Sioux Falls

Rachel loves designing rustic crafts, taking wildlife photos, playing cards and collecting antiques. She's been a coach since 2016.

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one

Coaching since: 2016

Lived experience:

I’m proud to be living a healthy life after surviving a dysfunctional and traumatic childhood. The disease of addiction impacted many of my family members, including my mom, dad, sister, brother and son. In 2015, I was arrested and put on the 24/7 program, then came to Face It TOGETHER for coaching and attended counseling sessions. I’ve been on my wellness journey for three years.

Professional background:

I worked in nursing and medical office support for about 19 years and also have experience in entrepreneurship. I started as a volunteer coach at Face It TOGETHER.


Family addiction, PTSD, trauma, anxiety management and general mental health


I enjoy family time with my children and grandchildren as well as fishing, hunting, taking wildlife photos, playing cards and collecting antiques. I also enjoy many hands-on activities, including designing rustic crafts, woodworking and refinishing, gardening and canning.

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