Photo of Monica, Sioux Falls, SD Board member

Monica Huber

Healthcare executive, retired

Monica has extensive leadership experience within the healthcare industry, as well as numerous community boards, task forces and committees.

Throughout Monica Huber’s 40-year healthcare career, much of her work focused on emergency/trauma care, critical care and numerous other related services. Responsibilities included building programs that delivered best practice clinical excellence and value, enhancing the patient experience, identifying and prioritizing strategic initiatives, assuring organizational stability, creating and adhering to sustainable budgets, and promoting growth through recruitment and retention of providers and staff.

In addition to supporting the delivery of clinical care, Monica has had numerous opportunities to work with communities, schools, governmental agencies, professional organizations and private entities to advance the health and wellness of society. Areas of focus included drug and alcohol abuse identification and prevention, as well as injury prevention programming. Monica has provided numerous presentations on these topics nationally, statewide and locally. She has served on numerous boards, task forces and committees. Monica believes in supporting the health and safety of a community by providing the appropriate tools and resources needed by its citizens in all walks of life.

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