Photo of addiction peer coach Mike Sojka

Mike Sojka

Coach, Fargo-Moorhead

In addition to overcoming his own addiction, Mike has extensive experience as a concerned loved one.

Coach type: Person with addiction and loved one (volunteer)

Coaching since: 2019

Lived experience: 

I grew up in a home with alcohol addiction present; several other generations in my family suffer from the disease. I became well from addiction on April 27, 1982. I continue to battle my compulsive personality daily and I'm still on a journey with my youngest son, who struggles with the disease.

Professional background: 

I was a teacher and coach for 10 years. I became a pastor, church planter and then head of a church planting organization. I have more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofits. I have also dabbled in retail and financial advising. I started my own coaching/consulting business (Leadership Innovations) in 2015. I'm also currently employed by American Family Insurance.


Spirituality, family dynamics, business


I'm a reader, outdoorsman (kayak fisherman, hunter, hiker, cross country skier, snowshoer, ice skater), movie watcher, occasional Netflix connoisseur, connector, grandparent, and married to the love of my life of 39 years.

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